It’s Our 5th Year Anniversary

13 Feb 2017

Dear Blue Arcus Ambassador,

Looking back on the years gone by, we couldn't have done it without each of you, even if we tried. Though your efforts could never be repaid, I have this one thing to say: You've made all the difference in every way and while an incredible amount of progress has been made...

on this fifth anniversary, I wanted to let everybody know that my leadership is going to stand with you and fight alongside you until the job is done.

Happy anniversary team!


Blue Arcus Strikes TTC Mobile LTE Project for Tuvalu

30 Dec 2016

FUNAFUTI, TUVALU –As the rest of the Pacific Islands rev up their internet speed, Tuvalu Telecommunication Corporation (TTC) engages Blue Arcus Technologies to implement LTE services in Funafuti, Tuvalu. The LTE services will also allow collaboration between Blue Arcus and TTC for the expansion of coverage to the rest of the islands and to add on Value Added Services (VAS) as well in the future.

With its expertise in telecommunication technologies, Blue Arcus gears up to help Tuvalu become a more digitized nation with the latter seeing no borders in communicating to the rest of the world.

Naren Yanamadala, CEO of Blue Arcus said “Blue Arcus is honored to be tapped for this project to provide better telecommunication services in the country. We are excited to start with the project and we commit ourselves fully to the implementation of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology in Tuvalu”

Upgrades for the current 3G system to the new 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is now in full throttle as TTC aims to have the LTE mobile service up and running on Funafuti by early 2017.

Simeti Lopati, CEO of TTC stated that with the roll-out of LTE services in the country, the speed of wireless data and quality of the services will surely improve for the benefit of everyone residing in Tuvalu, as well as anyone else stopping by in this remote and unique island nation in the South Pacific.

Marshall Islands’ NTA Selects Blue Arcs Technologies for New 4G LTE Services

10 Sep 2016

As the Marshall Islands' National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) look forward to evolve the country's mobile broadband infrastructure from 2G to 4G, it recently enlisted U.S - based LTE technology provider, Blue Arcus Technologies (BA), to deploy a turnkey LTE solution in the island nation.

NTA CEO Thomas Kijiner, Jr. said “NTA is committed to providing reliable, high-quality communications services everywhere in the Marshall Islands, and by upgrading our networks to 4G LTE, we will be able to give our customers and visitors alike a greater digital experience. We are confident in our selection of Blue Arcus to make our vision of 4G LTE a reality."

“We are very excited to be a part of the process of transforming the mobile market in the Marshall Islands, said Naren Yanamadala, CEO of Blue Arcus Technologies. “The latest technology we bring further elevates customer experience in telecommunications. We believe Marshallese customers will be happy with the new service.”

Marshall Islands’ National Telecommunications Authority

About Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) The Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority is a private corporation with significant ownership by the National Government. It is the authorized sole provider of telecommunications services, and is responsible for providing domestic and international voice, fax, data, Internet, and TV services in the Marshall Islands. For more information please visit

Teletok Tokelau Selects Blue Arcus Technologies for New 4G LTE Mobile Network

7 Aug 2016

Blue Arcus (BA) is primed to revolutionize Tokelau’s telecommunication industry. Teletok chose Blue Arcus, Tokelau’s sole telecommunications provider, to roll-out its cost effective fourth generation LTE/VoLTE solution across all three atolls of the islands nation. The company’s aim is to revolutionize telecommunications with high speed data and voice over LTE (VoLTE) specifically catering for the unique telecommunication requirements per the industry standards.

Teletok CEO Tealofi Enosa stated “This is our first mobile network. Our LTE deployment will cover all three atolls with Teletok providing adequate capacity from its satellite link provider Spark New Zealand. This opportunity will enable us to improve connection between three islands, which has a huge potential for growth, expansion, and will certainly aid in improving business efficiencies as well as achieving both Teletok’s Corporate Plan objectives and Tokelau’s National Strategic Plan 2016-2020. This LTE network will enable our locals to communicate better anytime, anywhere with family members from any point between the islands and those who resided in foreign countries”.

Blue Arcus CEO, Naren Yanamadala, emphasized that BA with its long expertise in telecommunication technologies anticipates in building Smart Islands through its LTE solution.“This is a challenging opportunity for Blue Arcus. We have customized an adaptable mobile architecture that is best suited for Tokelau’s telecommunication requirements accounting its small, isolated and sparsely populated islands. This agreement with Teletok is a milestone in BA’s achievements as a company”.


Telecommunications Tokelau Corporation (Teletok) is a public entity solely responsible to provide telecommunications services to the people of Tokelau under its mandate. Despite of its small size and remoteness, Teletok is committed to improve its communications as the core basis of its development to ensure good quality of life to its people.